I’ve had the pleasure of working with truly wonderful colleagues and clients over the years. Their kind endorsements, included below, lead me to believe that I could be doing something right.

In this world of hash tags, abbreviations, smiley faces, and acronyms that serve as our means of communication, it is refreshing to work with someone like Tracy who knows, understands, appreciates and actually uses the English language as it was meant to be used.

Tracy worked for me in the capacity of writer/editor at RMA, and her ability to write marketing copy was only surpassed by her superb ability to edit any type of document that was placed before her – brochures, course books, publications, online ads, etc. She just gets it.

When you explain your vision to her, she has a keen way of turning concepts into words and words into promotions. She’s one of the best I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend her for any writer/editor position.

Valerie Morris
Former Director of Marketing and Communications, The Risk Management Association

Tracy is a talent and a delight, no doubt! She has a way with words that isn’t easy to describe if you’re not a wordsmith, and she can deliver a colorful story for even the most dry subjects (you know–those that can be a bit hard to write about elegantly).

Tracy understands that voice and tone are an extremely important part of the customer experience (in web marketing and product design). While at Intuit, Tracy has been able to successfully cultivate rich discussions about content strategy and with every piece she writes, she creates new ideas and ways of thinking about our brand, customers, and design.

She is lighthearted with a great sense of humor and makes friends everywhere she goes. Just spend 5 minutes with her and you’ll see.

Crystal Glasgow
Principal Designer and UX Manager, Intuit

Tracy Baxter is thoroughly professional– she is quick, accurate and has a wonderful way with words. I have worked with Tracy in a number of different situations where I needed someone to turn around content that helped shape critical messages in a very short time frame. I would highly recommend Tracy for work in the field of public relations, media relations, marketing and communications in general.

Susan Piper
Former Special Assistant to the Mayor at City of Oakland, Mayor Jean Quan

Tracy is an extremely talented writer and information specialist who provided guidance as a content specialist for my non-profit organization. Tracy’s editorial contributions and modifications were superb and helped strengthen the copy and visual content of our website. Tracy also utilized her skills as a UX Specialist to make needed improvements to our website layout and formatted the content to better engage users and maximize site visits. Overall, it has been a pleasure to work with Tracy. Her collaborative skills are excellent and I would recommend her highly to any company looking for a strong writer, creative, and technical resource.

Kimberly Bryant
Executive Director, Black Girls CODE

Tracy created the content for two newsletters and our website to introduce a new library opening in East Oakland. She succeeded in creating narrative with interviews and photos to inform our members and the general public of this exciting project. Tracy has a wonderful way with words and helped our organization at a critical time. Take a look at the East Oakland Library News pages at http://www.fopl.org.

Winifred Walters
Manager, Grants & Development, Oakland Public Library

I worked with Tracy Baxter for almost a decade—at times as a colleague, later as her boss. She’s a witty, fluent writer with a flair for the essay form who can also produce good journalism and persuasive promotional materials. Her strong writing skills, solid work ethic, and good people skills made her a major asset to our organization. As a colleague, I appreciated her sense of humor about human and organizational foibles. As a boss, I admired her ability to consistently deliver superlative work.

Joan Hamilton
Former Editor-in-Chief,  Sierra magazine, Sierra Club

Tracy Baxter is fantastic! I know her work from the time I spent with her when I was the communications director at the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO. She produces communications that are clear and to the point. She was always ready to help pitch stories to the press and attend editorial board meetings to promote our work at the Fed. Her persuasive writing is concise, yet lively. Plus, she’s fun to work with. Professional, but relaxed.

I recommend her highly.

Nathan Ballard
Former Director of Communications
Office of Mayor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco

Tracy Baxter approached her job responsibilities conscientiously and quickly acquired a sound working knowledge of the technical aspects of financial services marketing. In the time that I had the pleasure of working with her, she became not only a reliable and productive member of our team, but also a source of constructive suggestions.

Tracy displayed an unusually high degree of professionalism, and would be an asset to any company.

James T. Dempster
Chief Copy Editor
Marketing Department
Lincoln Financial Distributors

Tracy is a superbly talented writer. She’s also someone I’d love to have on my team: great sense of humor, quirky tastes and unique perspectives. She’s never satisfied with a cliché and works hard to make the product fresh and interesting.

Shawn Towey
Child Care Policy Associate at Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY)
Former Campaign Communications Specialist at SEIU Healthcare PA

Tracy Baxter was phenomenal to work with. When I needed backup, she took specialized information and created copy that conveyed our company’s customer service values and highlighted our expertise in microwave radio technology. Whatever the project, from press releases to advertisements, Tracy Baxter created fantastic copy.

Michelle Maeder
Former Communications Manager
Harris Corporation, Microwave Radio Division