Enrollment flow reimagined


User feedback on the existing enrollment flow for families seeking care on the Care.com platform was clear: one, speed up the enrollment process; and two, show us the value of the product before asking for a service upgrade.

Keeping these desires in mind along with internal data showing that users who took the time to create a job posting received more and better applicants, I whipped up a flow that gave users both what they wanted and needed, cutting the screen count from 13 to 7.

Here’s the first path, to prompt the user to post a job.


Framing the post a job option as “letting caregivers come to you” in the CTA suggests effortlessness–a good thing.

And here’s the second path, for the user who intends to conduct her own search for care and wants proof of the value of the platform asap.


The tease of the unfiltered number of caregivers in the area may entice some to continue supplying info, which would be great to get job posting fodder. But users can skip to a sneak peek of caregivers if they like.

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