Before and after

Layout and copy refresh


Updating the user experience with patterns from a new pattern library afforded opportunities to look critically at the copy, too. We discovered that our robotic, unhelpful messaging conspired with a chaotic layout to repel users at a critical moment: when they were thinking of canceling their memberships. Time to reorganize and refine with an eye to retention.

First up: Reduce the cognitive load by getting rid of the ghost text, check marks, and repetitive language. Second: Dial up brand voice. This interaction was far too important to leave to bland robotspeak.

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Note that we were careful to keep the layout clean by revealing options only after the user made a selection. And if it seems counter-intuitive to put the cancellation option first, remember that it’s important to honor users’ intentions in critical interactions to avoid appearing shifty and thereby losing trust.

Use the slider to compare the images

Last, we wanted very clear language near the checkboxes so that the user would be certain of the action she was taking. It required repeating phrasing, but doing so here was a good call.

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