Isn’t money fascinating? A chance assignment in the marketing department of a large mutual fund company opened my eyes to the excitement of financial services. Since then, I’ve eagerly tackled work in the sector. I’ve written online copy and print materials to draw entrepreneurs, executives, and investors to networking events; brochures and emails outlining sound risk mitigation strategies and tools; and minded the ps and qs on market commentaries and mutual fund quarterly reports, among other deliverables.

Samples are below. Click away!


Dow Jones FIS Wireless Innovations 2008

Dow Jones FIS Web Ventures 2008

Dow Jones FIS Private Equity Analysts Limited Partners Summit 2008

The Risk Management Association eMentor

Lincoln Financial Adding Automatic Enrollment to a Savings Plan (editing sample)


The links below will take you to emails promoting knowledge and networking events to entrepreneurs, investors, and executives. Topics include infrastructure investing, mobile and wireless technology investing, and so much more. The emphasis is on generating excitement and urgency, so hold on to your hats!

Infrastructure Summit Is Just a Few Days Away: Register Today!

Hiring Start-up Executives in 2008

Find Your Next Investment at Wireless Innovations

The Future of Mobile Technology Today

Sales letters

Dow Jones FIS networking events

Risk Management Association professional development courses

Risk Management Association professional development courses catalog
message from the president

Annual Statement Studies and Financial Ratios