Tracy delivers!

“She’s an incredible wordsmith, creating lively, engaging copy for absolutely anything. Tracy writes
You name it, Tracy can make it sound good!”

“With every piece she writes, she creates new ideas and ways of thinking about our brand, customers, and design.”

“Tracy is an extremely talented writer and information specialist.”

“Tracy has a wonderful way with words and helped our organization at a critical time.”

“Tracy Baxter is thoroughly professional, quick, and accurate. I would highly recommend Tracy for work in the field of public relations, media relations, marketing and communications in general.”

“She just gets it. When you explain your vision to her, she has a keen way of turning concepts into words and words into promotions. She’s one of the best I’ve ever worked with.”

Tracy writes

Ads· Blog posts· Brochures· Direct mail· Emails· Executive bios· Fundraising letters· Internal and member communications· Newsletters· Powerpoint decks· Press releases· Speeches· Web content· White papers


If your writing project demands a good ear,  a sharp eye, and boundless creativity, I have the chops to deliver.

Need proof? Just take a look at the clips in the sidebar just to the right and throughout this site. You’ll see experience in the corporate and non-profit realms, and a potpourri of deliverables, from emails to brochures to Web content.

Or head over to the Recommendations page to see what past colleagues and clients have to say.

With more than ten years’ experience in crafting clear, engaging, memorable copy, I offer not only the solid expertise and professionalism expected from a seasoned traditional wordsmith, but also the enthusiasm and technological know-how of a digital communicator.

Additionally, my grasp of essential principles of content strategy, instructional design, graphic design, and technical writing helps me identify proven techniques to engage a given audience. I’m even handy with HTML5 and CSS.

Let’s work together to create attention-grabbing copy that aligns with your business objectives and delights your customers. Have questions? Please shoot me a few lines in the box below.